About Us

Whether you’re considering buying or selling property, you need an experienced, dependable, and smart counsel with a track record of success by your side. Enter NRIS, a Home Inspection helping our clients navigate through all sorts of real estate transactions. Although real estate transactions can be complex, stressful, and convoluted, our philosophy toward real estate is straightforward: We assist you in making transparent and secure decisions.

At NRIS, we use a hands-on approach to perform extensive inspections to inform you about what you need to know in finding the ideal house.. You can rely on us to provide hands-on help and guidance as you navigate this intricate and dynamic industry to provide the experience and outcomes you deserve.

Founder's Profile

Your Inspector – Nick Brescia grew up in Radford; after attending New River Community College, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and spent four years in Jacksonville, NC. After the Marine Corps, Nick spent 30 years in industrial maintenance and reliability retiring from AdvanSix in 2022. During that time Nick developed and led several inspection and reliability initiatives to improve maintenance spending and efficiency. At the end of his engineering career, Nick retired to move back home to the New River Valley. Home Inspection was a natural transition. His experience in reliability enabled him to prioritize important issues that could cause major financial setbacks, as well as detect minor issues that over time could be problematic. These same principals serve well in the Home Inspection business.